Enemy List

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If a leader:

  • Talks about conspiracies
  • dehumanizes and demonizes groups of people
  • advocates violence

Some people will:

  • disregard the truth
  • hate innocent people
  • be easily provoked into violent action against those people

We hope truth will prevail. We must never underestimate stupidity and ignorance. Protect the innocent and the vulnerable. Promote truth, righteousness, empathy and generosity.

Our enemies are:

  • Crazy conspiracies
  • Stupidity
  • Ignorance
  • Hate
  • Violence

Silent Spring

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WTF is that? This is a class of pesticide that we started using 20 years ago. It is systemic which means it will be in all parts of the plant. Leaves, stems, roots, flowers, nectar and pollen. It kills insects and grubs that feed on seeds or plants that have this pesticide applied to it. It lasts as long as 1000 days in the environment before breaking down. It is water soluble which means it moves from the place where it is applied. It means that animals that eat a lot of insects are getting neonicotinoids as well.

Silent Spring is a book describing the insecticide DDT’s devastating impact on birds. DDT did not kill birds outright. It caused egg shells to fail and bird decline took years.

It has taken 20 years to connect neonicotinoids to the previously unexplained decline of bees. Why? Because the pesticide did not outright kill the bee. Bees consume nectar and pollen. The small amounts would change behaviors and kill them over long periods of time.

There is a blindness that we have that is similar to a short attention span. If we can’t see something happening right before our eyes, it didn’t happen or is considered impossible. Or we fail to make the connection between cause and effect. What else are we missing? What is killing people that we think is harmless or can in no way be connected? Is it something that kills us slowly or changes our behaviors? Is there something that we do or consume that takes a long time to kill?

Call me paranoid. But probably many things fall in this category. Most likely they are man made. We just don’t see it or have failed to make the connection. Future generations will look back and wish we were less reckless, short sighted and destructive to the planet’s plants and animals.

Everyday 9/11

On September 11, 2001 2,996 people died. That was then. Now in the United States there are some 3,000 deaths each and everyday from heart disease and cancer.

Heart disease and cancer are now very common. And according to some very preventable. So I searched for ‘how to prevent heart disease’ and ‘ how to prevent cancer’. I got two lists and they shared some items. Cool. I was thinking that I would do or avoid things on the list. Maybe all of them, because why not give myself every advantage and avoid every risk? Here they are:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Limit alcohol
  • Eat a balanced healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Maintain a normal blood pressure
  • Get adequate exercise
  • Control cholesterol and triglycerides

For avoiding cancer:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Protect skin from the sun
  • Eat a balanced healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Get adequate exercise
  • Practice safe sex
  • Get immunized for HPV and hepatitis
  • Get regular screenings for cancer

Pretty short lists and for me because my lifestyle lines up with s most of these. Especially the items on both lists.

Now, another way to look at this is that one could be doing all the things to avoid and not doing any of the good items. This may be the problem in the United States. Most people are overweight, eat a bad diet and don’t exercise. Wow, seems pretty simple! But the hard part is changing from a lifetime of habits. Changing from commonplace and accepted habits.

If 9/11 happened every day, we would be outraged and demand that it stop. But we have become able to accept this as inevitable. Every day 3000 people die deaths from preventable diseases. We should not let tobacco, factory food, fast and junk food, alcohol and sugary beverages into our schools, towns and homes.

One smoke, drink or unhealthy meal will not kill you. But thousands will put you into a much higher risk category. So develop the good habits and avoid the bad. Give yourself a chance. Give yourself the best chance possible. You’re worth it!

Hate Crimes

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Anti-government, far-right and white supremacist domestic terrorist attacks outnumbered and killed more Americans than foreign terrorists since 2001.

Hate crimes have increased for the last three years since 2017. Future attacks will probably rise in number.

Federal focus is on Islamic and foreign since September 11, 2001. We can’t look the other way or enable right-wing extremism for political advantage any more.

Hate crimes are crimes against the United States of America, all of it’s inhabitants and all that is right. In Nazi Germany the world saw the worst in mankind. In today’s United States we can shown the best in mankind. But we have to be smart, brave, vocal and act against those who have the wrong values, harmful words and disgusting deeds. It’s patriotic and the right thing to do.

The Walker

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Ooh crazy is what they think about me ain’t gonna stop cause they tell me so cause ninety nine miles per hour baby is how fast that I like to go

Can’t keep up with my rhythm though they keep trying too quick for the lines they throw I walk to the sound of my own drum we go they go we go hey yeah yeah yeah

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Oh here we go feel it

Fitz and the Tantrums


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The common motivation among mass shooters is a desire for notoriety. To be known and remembered for something heinous. To kill a large number of unarmed innocent people with an easy to obtain military assault rifle.

  • We should not speak or print the shooter’s names, ever
  • We should not show their photos on the web, social media or television
  • We should not tell their story or publicly discuss in detail their background
  • We should deny them what they seek, attention and notoriety

The victims and families need us to document, publicize and memorialize their stories.

Second Amendment

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The right to keep and bear arms in one’s home as part of a well ordered militia is to prevent Federal abuse of individual states. The amendment does not protect keeping military style assault weapons for the purpose of personal security or home defense. It does not protect the use of assault weapons for the purposes of domestic terrorist acts, murder, criminal activity, vigilante acts, protests, intimidation or threats. It does not protect the use of assault weapons except in cases where a well ordered militia is needed for protection of the individual states, not individual persons.

The NRA, gun nuts, gun lobbies and their politicians all react violently whenever gun laws are discussed. Their belief is that one tiny gun restriction will lead to all gun ownership rights being removed. Whenever there is a mass shooting, they are silent.

An assault weapons ban is not erasing the second amendment, is not removing all gun ownership rights and will not make all guns disappear like magic. An assault weapons ban is the right thing to do to make them harder for mass shooters to get them. That’s the right thing to do. To do nothing but offer condolences, thoughts and prayers is not creating a more perfect union.

Individuals’ rights are not protected by the second amendment. People of the states as part of a well regulated militia are protected by the second amendment. The courts will need to make this clear.

Industrial Complex

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What is an industrial complex? Outgoing president of the United States Dwight Eisenhower warned us in his parting words to beware of the massive military spending and the Military Industrial Complex.

There are many industrial complexes today. Any industry where consumer or government spending totals millions or billions of dollars…there is a force to continue or grow that spending. Profit is a strong motivator. So strong that very little in this world can resist it.

Common sense, what is right and human health and even lives are no obstacle.

Military, medical, agriculture, pharmaceutical, banking, insurance, and prisons are just a start of a long list. Even our own government has a tendency to grow and spread. One might even liken it to cancer or a parasite.

I just hope the host survives.

Free Speech

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  • Free speech is not hate speech.
  • Hate speech is not free speech.

Free speech is a core value we support and uphold. But what is not and should not be protected and upheld is speech that infringes or promotes the denial of life, liberty and happiness of others.

Hate speech promoting or advocating violence is not and should not be protected. Calling neo nazis ‘very fine people’ is not good. Clearly!

I have said and thought that people will die because of 45. I had this thought a long time ago. My new thought is that many more will die because a direction has been set. A tone that will take a long time to quell and quiet.

Just remember that hate speech, support of hate speech, the failure to denounce hate speech and those that provide a voice and safe haven for promotion of hate speech is not good. Blood is on the hands of the people profiting from and allowing hate speech to continue. Blood is on the hands of those Republican politicians who have allowed those advocating violence towards others to be legitimate. Crazy anti-American values have no place in the public, the government or politics. Clearly!


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Apoplectic describes a state of such extreme anger that one cannot speak and has difficulty processing or expressing this anger. This can happen when we feel overwhelmed and not in control.

  • A very good remedy is the good old ‘time out’. Take a break from the location, person or source of the stress. Separation is a good strategy, it works.
  • If a break or separation is not possible then an alternative may be take ten breaths. Preferably nasal inhalation’s and exhalations, slow enough to have a calming effect. Like a power nap, but more like a mini meditation.
  • Exercise can create and then release tension. It can also allow time to mentally process.
  • I like to write it down, organizing thoughts, then letting it go.
  • And why not do all of these! What is the worst thing that happens?

If your emotions reach apoplectic levels, try these techniques. There are so many things that can get you into this state these days. Watch out for it.