Too Late

Stayed in bed all mornin’ just to pass the time There’s somethin’ wrong here, there can be no denyin’ One of us is changin’, or maybe we’ve just stopped tryin’ And it’s too late, baby now, it’s too late Though we really did try to make it Somethin’ inside has died, and I can’t hide […]

Gas Light

Gaslighting is a term used to describe how one person manipulates another person’s belief. Getting someone to believe something that is untrue is result of gaslighting. The manipulator, over time, little by little, can turn down the gas and get the manipulated to believe that this is normal. Getting gaslighted is not a good thing. […]

Blog Year

About a year ago this blog was launched. From a vague notion of writing and documenting some thoughts to almost a year’s worth of daily posts. I’ve learned a few things. The WordPress app on my IPhone works WordPress app on IOS has many problems I could not use media like photos and videos in […]

Sky Fall

The sky is falling. US unemployment is higher than ever. Nation failure is possible. Disruptions are extreme and will be long lasting Status quo, stay the course will result in failure Authoritarian and dictatorial rule will not work Government business and bureaucracy can save us Corporations and industries will only benefit themselves The Great Depression […]