Blog Year

About a year ago this blog was launched. From a vague notion of writing and documenting some thoughts to almost a year’s worth of daily posts. I’ve learned a few things.

  • The WordPress app on my IPhone works
  • WordPress app on IOS has many problems
  • I could not use media like photos and videos in my posts
  • Uploading almost always failed
  • Posts would appear online, somehow despite upload failures
  • Published, draft and scheduled posts in the app were not visible half the time

Something so simple, writing and posting to a blog. Turned out to be frustrating because of the app. And it never got better over the course of a year. Even after countless updates.

Some other things I learned.

  • Writing things down has an organizing and calming effect in my mind
  • There are way too many things to write about than one a day
  • Some days the urge to write is just not there
  • Daily practice did improve my writing, somewhat
  • I still make grammatical errors, usually because I did not proofread before publishing
  • The app is super convenient because the phone is with me 24/7
  • This blog, like my personal website, is satisfactory for me even if it only for me

The next year may be different. How?

  • Is my blog documenting opinions
  • A training log
  • A travelogue
  • Or should I quit

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