To Err

To err is human. To forgive, divine

Response to making an error is the most important thing. If you are human, you make mistakes. To avoid mistakes, don’t do anything.

When confronted with a mistake:

  • You can deny it
  • You can repeat it
  • You can deflect and distract
  • You can admit it and stop making the same mistake

Only one of these is correct and is the NOT the natural response of our current POTUS. So childish and disappointing for our country. And so embarrassing to have our worst on full display.

Stock Market

There is a dysfunctional view or opinion regarding the stock market. ‘Economic health is measured by higher stock prices’. This is totally wrong. There are large institutions and funds buying and selling stock. And there is a relatively small number of individual investors. And more automated computerized buying than ever before. These conditions have caused a big bubble. The condition where stock values are so high they no longer represent real value.

Bubbles burst. Booms will go bust. It will be swift and it will be painful. It will be widespread and it will be prolonged. Economic stagnation has happened before and it will happen again.

40 million American workers have lost jobs and health care. Household budgets across the country are in disarray. The economic ripples have just started and the stock market is not reacting. The stock market is artificial and more dangerous than ever.

So Many

The death rate from Covid 19 is the number of deaths divided by the number of cases. If you test a lot, find all your infections, the denominator is larger. Your death rate is lower. If you somehow undercount deaths, to hide failures, the numerator is smaller. Death rate is lower.

If your icu procedures have no Covid 19 strategy, your staff is undertrained, overworked, lack supplies, in over their heads, give up, don’t care, are frightened. Deaths go up. Death rate goes up.

Covid deaths are highly correlated with existing serious health problems. Correlated with prescriptions. Multiple ongoing and unresolved health problems with blood pressure, diabetes, excessive weight, heart disease, lung disfunction and weak immune systems.

American’s health, or lack of, has been highlighted.

American medical and health professionals quality, or lack of, is on full display.

American leadership, or lack of, in infectious disease preparedness is obvious.

American Covid 19 deaths is the highest. Death rates in the US are among the highest. In no way are these numbers to be proud of.

Avoid These

  • Airplanes
  • Cruise ships
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Concerts
  • Marathons
  • Public mass transit
  • Shopping malls
  • Any crowded spaces

There are two main factors to be aware of. Time and distance. You want to spend as little time as possible in close proximity to other people.

In your home with family members practicing avoidance are OK to be around. People moving around and coming in contact with others is the chain of transmission. Especially people not practicing avoidance or mask wearing. There is a risk that people without any symptoms are actively spreading infection to others without anyone knowing it.

When people speak, sing, sneeze or cough, maybe just breathing, virus can be transmitted. Viruses are very small in physical size. It is unknown how much virus is needed for infections to take place.

Better safe than sorry. Be careful out there.

Memorial Day

Many Americans, tired of shelter in place, tired of pandemic, tired of social distancing, tired of stress, tired of bad news. Will go back to normal. Enjoy a holiday. Try to enjoy life.

I don’t blame them. It’s tough. Life is rough.

In the US, Covid 19 deaths are rapidly approaching 100,000. Vastly more than any other country. It has been 6 months of relentless spreading across borders. Across oceans and continents. Wherever people go, the virus follows. And deaths pile up.

Best Exercise

What is the best exercise? It is the one you did last. If you walked, ran, swam, stretched, deep breathed, squat, lunge. What ever you do everyday or what every you just did. That was the most beneficial, healthful and best exercise for you.

I tend to read a lot and was sucked into to reading articles with titles like the five best exercises you need to do. To be the fittest. To avoid injury. To be the best runner. To be strong. So many word and so much detail. So many reps. So much rest. So much conviction and authority.

All bullshit if you don’t actually do it. I mean if you read it, book mark it, memorize it, copy and paste it. Share it. Post it. Do it once. That’s bullshit.

Watching an exercise video, reading an article or listening to a fitness or exercise or activity talk does not:

  • Make you an expert
  • Make you an authority
  • Doesn’t make your body stronger
  • Didn’t improve your health
  • Doesn’t make you more like that guy or gal

What you do everyday will give you the most gains. What do you do everyday? Have fun. You should have fun everyday. While kids know this, adults have forgotten that moving around is fun. God gave you that body. Time may have changed it. But if you can move, you honor God each and every time you move it.

Fanboy Fetish

If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?

All around us we see people and their behaviors. Some behaviors, most behaviors fall in the category of normal. And then sometimes we can fall in love or become obsessed.

We may be hardwired to repeat thoughts and actions. It is probably an energy saving shortcut. It is far easier to repeat a familiar thought or action than it is to form new thoughts or actions.

So we obsess, form habits, spend lots of time and money on sometimes weird stuff. Or maybe it’s only weird when someone else is doing it?

Head in Sand

To avoid hard truths we can immerse our heads in sand. We will not see or hear. Head in the sand.

I feel that we are doing that right now. Ideas of returns to normalcy are fantasies. Economic outlooks in people’s minds right now are memories of three or four months ago. It is hard to imagine a depressed economy, so we don’t see it. We don’t want it, can’t see it, will not plan for it and will be surprised by what only some people are seeing and predicting.

The 1918 Spanish Flu lasted many months. The Great Depression was a decade and global. Are we at the start? Yes and yes. The start of the pandemic. The start of the next Great Depression.

There is another theoretical place heads can be that is unmentionable. So ‘get your head out of your a$$!’